Empower Your Life Now: 
Learn How to Get Healthy and Build a Life of your Dreams!

Empower Your Life Discovery Session Helps you:

  • Implement the 5-step game plan my clients are using to achieving healthy, sexy body with lot of energy.
  • Clarify your wellness goals and what is getting in your way to success!
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and self-sabotage patterns that is getting in your way to be your best self and living your dream life!
  • Discover your personal success path to achieving your goal.

Individual Support

My individual support builds the bridge between your dreams and reality. It empowers you to let go of self sabotaging behaviors, achieve harmony in life and break free from negative cycles that is holding you back from your success.

Heal your Mind and Body

Let go of the past experience, negative beliefs, your mind chatter and bring more happiness, peace and fulfillment in your life. I with you on work to help you create a life of harmony and balance for your well being!



Through your conscious choices empower yourself to to create the lifestyle you truly desire. I guide you to success and my goal is to empower you to keep achieving your goal and be successful by yourself!

Who is Sangeeta Mitra?

Integrative Wellness Coach
NLP Master Practitioner
Mental and Emotional Release® Master Practitioner
Master Hypnotist
Life Coach

Her name is Sangeeta Mitra, a holistic coach who has made it her mission to work with women towards achieving their life goals by making their wellness a priority as well as women who have been through any form of  trauma to help heal and empower them.


She seeks to reach out to those aiming towards an overhaul in their lifestyle, those desirous of rediscovering themselves. She evaluates what will work for you and what will not, making personalized plans to support you. Under her guidance, you will also achieve that elusive balance between healthy mind and body, love and relationships, your money and career or any other balance you seek.

Sangeeta works with each client individually to develop a process for making small, simple changes that will result in large-scale transformation.  She has the training and experience to know what works and what doesn’t, so whether the need is in her clients’ health or lifestyle or both, she will meet their unique needs and create a plan for improvement.

 If you are ready for empowering your life, then connect with her now!!

Thank you Sangeeta for leading me to my own awakening. Being stuck in grief, you lovingly guided me to release my blocks, and free myself of guilt. What a beautiful release. You are a gifted coach and have honed your skills to offer true grace. Thank you." 


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